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Principal's Message: January

Dear Longfellow Families,

Welcome back from Winter Break! As we embark on a new year I want to highlight that over 260 Longfellow Lions earned perfect attendance in our first trimester.  We strongly believe (and research shows) that kids who come to school (every day that they are physically healthy enough to do soJ) and work hard achieve both academically and socially.

Therefore ensuring your child attends school every day is critical. For each day a student misses school, he/she can get more than two days behind with schoolwork.  This is because the student must make up missed learning and catch up with new learning at the same time.  In addition, for each student who misses an entire day of school, even for an excused absence, the district loses approximately $28 per day.  This is the equivalent of the cost of several library books or a dozen reams of paper – for ONE day of absence!  For an elementary school the size of Longfellow with 1,100 students, the district lost out on approximately $200,000 last year due to absences.

The top three most common reasons for absence are illness, a medical appointment, and family business.  We would like to try to minimize the days a student is absent.  Illness should be taken seriously, and students should stay home when they have a fever or are contagious.  Appointments of any kind should be scheduled before or after school if possible.  If an appointment must be made during school hours, it is advised that the student come to school before the appointment and return after the appointment, if possible.  Partial daily attendance is better than not attending at all.  Family business should also be scheduled after school hours, on weekends, or during non-school days.  If a vacation must be planned during the school week, and it will be for five days or longer, an Independent Study Agreement for absences may be requested. 

Our school goal is for every Longfellow Lion to earn at least one Perfect Trimester Attendance award this year. To reach our goal I am asking your support to make sure that your child comes to school every that he/she is able to do so!  

In appreciation,

Laurie Murrin