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Uniform Policy

The Longfellow Lion Look from Head to Toe


Longfellow Elementary School

The Longfellow Look From Head to Toe


Head and Neck

  •   No bandanas; fabric headbands no wider than 2 inches and logo free
    • No neck scarves
    • No makeup
    • Hats – outside only

                Approved sunhats (wide brim) or baseball-style OK

                Red, navy blue or white

                Longfellow logo or no logo on hat



  • Must have a collar or turtleneck and sleeves
  • Solid white, navy blue or red – no trim
  • Logo-free or Longfellow logos only
  • Longfellow T-shirts and Spirit wear
  • Shirts 4-5 inches below waistline must be tucked in.



  • Solid navy blue pants – long or short

                                                                Long pants – Solid navy blue capri or pedal pushers

                                                                Shorts – Solid navy blue mid-thigh to knee length

  • Solid navy blue biking shorts, jeggings, or leggings – under skirts
  • Solid navy blue skirts – no shorter than arm’s length or longer than 3 inches below the knee
  • No more than 1 inch larger than waist
  • Dark navy blue denim
  • No light denim, sweats, or overalls.
  • No torn, frayed, holes, sequins or embroidery. 


  • Solid navy blue


  • Sweaters or sweatshirts – Solid navy blue, red or white - (no ponchos or shawls)
  • Longfellow logo on sweatshirts and jackets OK
  • Rainy day gear and winter jackets not worn in the classroom  solid colors OK


                                Shoes – appropriate for Physical Education

  • Closed toe and heel (no back straps)
  • Flat soles – less than 1 inch
  • No boots, slippers, “Heelys”, “Crocs,” “Uggs”, “ballet” slippers, sandals or blinking shoes.
  • Rain boots may be worn on rainy days.


  • Must be worn
  • Tights, footless tights, leggings – under skirts – white, navy blue or red

 Socks may be any color (below the knee)



** Picture day dress code:   Fall pictures, students are to wear their uniform.

Spring pictures, students may have free dress


Note*:  The District requires all students in Kindergarten through grade 8 to wear a school uniform as identified by the student’s school.  In cases of economic hardship, help in obtaining uniforms is available through Rick-Rackers, Operation School Bell. You may contact Office Supervisor Ms. Tammy Bechard, for assistance.    You may obtain an exemption from the uniform requirement.  For more information call your child’s school.    If you are unable to resolve your concerns, you may obtain a Parent/Guardian Complaint form at our school.



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The Longfellow Lions are the very very best!
The Longfellow Lions are the very very best!