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Longfellow Student Green Team


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All meetings will be held in Room 9 from 1:35 to 2:00


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Green Team


Help us Terracycle!

By Kristi von der Linden

What is Terracyling, you ask?  Well, since Spring 2010, Longfellow Lions have earned over $3,800 Terracycling.  Basically, it’s a means of recycling items that would usually end up in the trash.  At Longfellow, our students Terracycle juice pouches, foil lined snack bags and energy bar wrappers at lunch.  The items are shipped to a company called TerraCycle for free and up-cycled into new products.

Imagine if we brought these items in from home too!  If only half the students brought in just five items weekly, Longfellow could earn an additional $1,600 in one school year!  Not to mention the fact that, at home, these items are not recyclable through city recycling.  They must go in the garbage.  It’s a win-win to bring um in!!

So what items can you bring in from home?

  • Juice pouches (emptied and no straws please)
  • Foiled lined snack bags (any size – chips, pretzels, etc)
  • Foil lined energy and granola bar wrappers
  • Used writing instruments (pens, pen caps, mechanical pencils, markers, marker caps, highlighters, highlighter caps, permanent markers, permanent markers caps)
  • Glue sticks, glue bottles, and glue tops

If you bring Terracycling from home, place items in the labeled purple recycling bins located near the cafeteria or in the bike cage.  You can also include them in your Friday Recycling.  Please remember to empty all contents from items before they are brought to school and thank you for helping us keep these items out of the waste stream!

The money raised through Terracycling and Friday Recycling is used to purchase prizes for Walk to School Wednesday and Friday Recycling raffles, recycling supplies (bags, gloves, shipping tape, etc.) and also helped to fund the Learning Garden and other plantings around campus. 

Friday Recycling Volunteers Needed


Hello Parents,
Longfellow has had a “Friday Recycling” program for many, many years.  Members of our school’s community bring bottles and cans to school on Friday before school, and they are sorted by parent volunteers and turned into money for our school.  We would love to get started with Friday Recycling as soon as possible, but we currently only have a few volunteers signed up.  The commitment involves coming to sort recyclables in the bike cage (north side of the auditorium) from approximately 7:45am until 8:30am, once every 6 to 8 weeks.  Parent volunteers recycle in groups of 2 to 4 people, so it is a great way to meet other parents at Longfellow and get to know more about what is going on at our wonderful school.  If you are interested in being a part of this program, please email Heather Morrison at and let us know.  The sooner we have enough volunteers, the sooner we can start keeping track of the kids who bring in recycling by putting their names in for our Friday Recycling prize raffle during flag ceremonies.
Thanks very much!
Heather Morrison
Longfellow Green Team

Green Team Program Summary

Longfellow Green Team

The Green Team is committed to reducing waste while teaching students about the positive effects of recycling. For more information, send an email to