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Doug Edwards

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Google Classroom

In able for students to go to Google Classroom for assignments they need to sign in.  First, they should go to Google on their computer.  They click on the top right corner 3 x 3 squares and go to Google Classroom.  To sign in they use their student ID and 




Let me know if you have any problems.  Thanks.

Mr. Edwards

Scores and Assignments

Scores from tests and exit slips are available on StudentVue. Click on grades or calendar.  You can also look under assessments and then Online Assessment History to see details. District tests are protected and will only give percentages.  My assessments and exit slips should show the detailed questions.  Other assessments and classwork given will also be on Google Classroom.   Please keep in mind that these are third graders and not to worry about every score by itself.  If there is a pattern of low scores then it may be something that needs to be addressed.  Thanks.  

Scholastic Book Orders

Here is the address for the Scholastic Book orders.  It includes our class code.  You will need to register the first time you use it.  Thanks.

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