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Social Studies

Unit One

Chapter 1: California’s Geography
Lesson 1: California's Location
Lesson 2: The Regions in California
Biography Page: John Muir
Lesson 3: Climate and Vegetation
Lesson 4: Where Californians Live
Lesson 5: Life in California
Chapter 2: California's Indians
Lesson 1: The First Californians
Lesson 2: The Northern Coastal Region
Lesson 3: The Southern Coastal Region
Lesson 4: Indians of Central Valley
Primary Sources: California Indian Artifacts
Lesson 5: The Desert Region
Biography Page: Cheryl A. Seidner
Field Trip: State Indian Museum


Unit Two

Chapter 3: Exploration and Early Settlements
Lesson 1: Explorers Come to California
Lesson 2: Newcomers to Alta California
Biography Page: Junipero Serra
Lesson 3: Other Kinds of Settlements
Lesson 4: Mission Life
Chapter 4: Mexican Rule in California
Lesson 1: Mexico Wins Its Freedom
Lesson 2: Rise of Rancho Economy
Primary Sources: A Diseño
Lesson 3: Life on the Ranchos
Biography Page: Juana Briones
Field Trip: Carmel Mission


Unit 3

Chapter 5: California, Here We Come!
Lesson 1: Americans Move West
Biography Page: James Beckwourth
Lesson 2: Trails to California
Lesson 3: Americans in California
Lesson 4: The Mexican American War
Chapter 6: Statehood for California
Lesson 1: The Gold Rush
Primary Sources: The Life of a Forty-Niner
Lesson 2: The Effects of the Gold Rush
Lesson 3: California Becomes a State
Biography Page: Biddy Mason
Field Trip: Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park
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