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School Nurse

School Nurse: Ms. Linda Dung Diep, RN

Senior Health Assistant:  Chisolum Akpamgbo, LVN  & 

                                                Marilyn Smith, LVN

General Information:  

I am pleased to be the Longfellow School Nurse. I am usually on campus Monday, Tuesday, and alternating Wednesdays from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.  Our Senior Health Assistants, Chisolum Akpamgbo and Marilyn Smith, are usually on campus on alternating Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. There will be times when we need to work together or with other nursing staff which may affect this schedule.

Students should stay home if they have

  • A fever over 100º F.  by mouth
  • Sores that are open or appear infected 
  • Any suspicious rashes 
  • Vomiting in the morning or since going to bed the night before 
  • Diarrhea in the morning or since going to bed the night before 
  • Persistent headache, stomachache, or earache
  • Red eyes with discharge
  • Live head lice
  • Persistent cough, wheezing or breathing problems
  • Not feeling well enough to participate in school activities

Please call the Attendance Office when your child is absent from


Physical activity/Education Excuses:  Any appliance (crutches, slings,

casts, etc.) requires a note from a physician. 

Please turn in all notes to the office.


For Health Resources / Medical Forms / COVID care instructions: Please use the following this link


Any student who needs to take medication during the school day MUST have a Medication At School request form signed by their doctor AND parent on file. School staff is not able to administer medication to student until medication order is turned in with medication.  Students cannot carry medication with them at school unless authorized by  PHYSICIAN to do so.  All medication must be turned into the office in its original pharmacy label.  Medication forms can be found in the  school loop locker or from the school office or Health Office. If your child needs to have an EpiPen or Auvi-Q at school, please contact the school nurse for a meeting to write a plan of action