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SSC Council 2022-2023 Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates

  • October 12, 2022 (Minutes)
  • November 17, 2022(Minutes)
  • January 26, 2023 (Minutes)
  • February 22, 2023 (Minutes)
  • June 1, 2023 

All meetings begin at 4:00 p.m. virtually or in the Longfellow Library.



School Site Council

School Site Council

2022-2023 MEMBERS


Members Term Position
Samuel Platis Permanent Principal
Bridget Jones 2nd year Teacher, Kindergarten
Mari-Ann Migliazzo 2nd year Teacher, 4th grade
Anna Wardell 1st year Teacher, 4th grade
Heidi Doon 2nd year  Literacy TOSA


Parents and/or Community Members



Members Term Position
Elise Bryant 2nd year Parent
Naphar Isley 2nd year Parent
Amy Lappen 2nd year Parent
Jean Buchanan 1st year Parent
Delfina Garifas 1st year Parent
Amanda Hall Alternate Parent


Please click here for the January 26, 2023 meeting agenda.