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Daily Schedule and District Minimum Days

7:30    Cafeteria opens for breakfast

7:45    Valet drop off on Olive Ave. and Bixby

7:45    Playground opens (students should not be at school until 7:45, unless they are eating breakfast in the cafeteria.)

7:55    Welcome bell rings.  Students line up.

8:00    School day begins

2:05    School dismissal on M, T, W & F for grades  1, 2 & 3  

2:10  School dismissal on M, T. W. & F for grades 4 & 5

1:30   School dismissal on Thursdays for grades 1-5

3:45    Playground closed


Kindergarten Schedule

8:00 - 11:20 Early Start

9:40 - 1:40 Late Start

11:20 - 12:00 Lunch


After school, do not wait for your children in the school hallways.  Please meet your children at a designated location outside of the hallways. The goal is for our hallways to be calm and quiet until school is dismissed. All students who do not leave school at 2:15 must go directly to the playground.


Playground supervision   

Before school  7:45 – 7:55

After school  2:05 – 3:45 on M, T, W, F (For grades 1-5 only)

                       1:30 – 3:45 on Thursdays

                       1:00 – 3:45 on District minimum days.


Playground supervision is provided daily before and after school for students in grades 1-5. Students may not arrive before 7:45 a.m. Students must be picked up by 3:45 from the playground.  Students who are still on the playground after 3:45 will be sent to the office.  If students are picked up late more than three (3) times in trimester, students may lose the ability to stay afterschool.